Costa Rican Short Stories of Anguish and Landscapes


María Luz Méndez Salazar


This Collection of very short stories contains a treasure trove of surprise endings, some cheery, some chilling most of them impossible to see coming. The author explores powerful and universal themes like unrequited love, revenge, treachery and the unequal battle between men equipped with nothing but hend tools and the savage strength of nature. And they all take place in a setting that is impleccably described and uniquely Costa Rican, like this passage from “The Gourd”, the most heart-breaking story this author has ever written: “March would bring sunsets featuring a sun as large as an ox cart wheel painted with red lead, and it would fill the house with a chromatic harmony;...” Long considered an icon of Costa Rican literature, this small book is a tour de force that weds graphic art with literary art in order to provide one unforgettable reading experience.

Pags: 210
Tamaño: 22 cm





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